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Anal Sex - What, why how?

Anal Sex - What, why how?
Anal sex is everywhere these days. Once taboo and certainly never discussed, now, thanks to the proliferation of porn, it is everywhere.  I remember in my early 20's asking a guy why anal sex was a so important, also remember back then it was not common place like it is...


One consistent piece of feedback on the Lelo Soraya is that it’s great to use hands free. It’s waterproof! why settle for less? It’s beautiful. No shoddy cheap looking sex toys for US, thankyouverymuch! It has a pouch so you can stow it when you’re travelling. It’s really quiet – sometimes the...


Swinging, whether it’s a small group of regular fun-buddies, or done at a venue that specifically caters to it, has a definite role to play in a sex-positive society. There are, of course, experiences that are better than others, but it’s also an important part of many private lives. A...

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Looking to spice up your love life and add something new to your relationship? Are you a solo flyer looking for your first purchase or perhaps a frequent flyer and looking to enhance your already stunning collection?

Look no further! Passionate Jade has heard your war cry and we are here for you!

Founded in 2012, our online store hosts a luxurious selection of pleasure products for yourself or you and your partner(s).   You will find authentic brands (no cheap knock off’s that explode in ways you do not want) and body safe products. Not looking for pleasure products? We’ve got you covered, we stock a stunning collection of lingerie, including the cult UK brand Kiss Me Deadly as well as Playful Promises that caters for all sizes.    

 Passionate Jade meets your online shopping needs by providing you a fast, safe, discreet, secure and  convenient way to purchase your products.

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Whatever pleasure you desire, we deliver

Whatever you are looking for to take your pleasure to the next level, Passionate Jade can provide for you. We are dedicated to hand-selecting products that are guaranteed to give your senses the ultimate pleasure. Our range includes:

  • Dildoes – Our amazing range of dildoes are designed with you in mind. You like them big and pink? We have you covered. Small and curvy? We have them too – whatever your requirements are for your orifice, we have the perfect dildo for it.
  • Butt Plugs – Put a plug in it, we guarantee you’ll love it. Butt plugs are a great way to mix up standard sexual intercourse and Passionate Jade has a wonderful collection of plugs, either standard or vibrating, are guaranteed to get your butt begging for more. Our range includes the LELO Bruno with handle, the b-Vibe rechargeable rimming plug, and the 50 Shades of Grey official “Something Forbidden” bunny tail plug for something different.
  • Couples – Wanting to spice it up? Is the standard fellatio onto missionary followed by a quick orgasm getting a bit boring? Passion Jade has a whole range of products available to take your sex life with your partner to a whole new level. From after-spanking moisturising cream to cock rings, butt plugs and couple specific vibrators we have everything you need.
  • Vibrators – A vibrator is a great little toy to keep in the top drawer to access easily for some ‘me’ time or when with your partner. Passionate Jade has a wonderful collection of vibrators designed to provide the perfect orgasm, every ime..

We stock a wide range of products from LELO, Jimmyjane, We-Vibe, L'Amourose and The Rabbit Company.

At Passionate Jade, we have absolutely everything you need to stimulate your senses and give you the most intense, pleasurable orgasm you could ever dream of.