A lot of people have pre-conceived ideas about what kink is, and a lot assume it’s about dark Berlin sex clubs or dungeons, and fetish is one and the same as kink. And often a sex charged environment. With the introduction of Fifty Shades of Grey a few years ago there was a surge in attendance at BDSM events around Australia and Fetlife (the BDSM Social networking site, which is now invite only) had an increase in membership. I would bet there is a BDSM club near you!


We are all human, and we all have totally different views about what is sexy, normal, what turns us on and off, what we think is tantalising and what we think is downright scary. One person who is comfortable with a polyamorous lifestyle may be a confusing concept to the person sitting next to them. Neither is right or wrong, we just do what is best for us. And it is awesome when we get to meet some likeminded individuals along the way!

This is why Passionate Jade holds the view that life is there to be lived, sex is there to be had, and we should be true to ourselves and live our lives to the fullest.

We don’t view kinks or fetishes in a negative light. Whatsoever. Keeping kink and fetish risk-aware and consensual kink (RACK) and safe, sane and consensual (SSC), we would rather educate than judge.

I read an article recently that looked at women’s libido and the incorrectly held assumption that women aren’t kinky. That women don’t have high libidos, that they don’t initiate sex, that they don’t like kink, bondage or fetish. Or goodness forbid don’t like porn.

There is no one role that a female plays in these scenes either. We are not always submissive, we know some very inspiring Domme's and Mistresses. There is always an aura of respect with these women.

We all know that women are everywhere on the spectrum. In this business, we talk to women about their sexual activities every day. If there’s one thing I want to impart, it’s this.

You are who you are. You do not need to apologise for being who you are. Women are everywhere on the sexual spectrum, and all deserve equal respect for their place on that spectrum. They all deserve the information they want, and yay if we can all be getting the sex that we want.

Sex toys, and things like certain female genital piercings, can give women orgasms, freedom to explore their own sexuality by themselves in total privacy, freedom to experiment with their partners, and take their sexuality to the best level they con – for them, and for their own satisfaction.

We are available to answer any questions around submission, curious about being a Domme/Mistress, consent or negotiations for a scene please do drop us a line. We are passionate about education.