Swinging, whether it’s a small group of regular fun-buddies, or done at a venue that specifically caters to it, has a definite role to play in a sex-positive society. There are, of course, experiences that are better than others, but it’s also an important part of many private lives.

A lot of people enjoy the exhibitionism that swinging affords, or being voyeurs, or meeting like-minded people for anonymous fun. People participate as couples, or singles. And certainly, people sneak away and pretend to be single while they are in a couple.


Most importantly swinging is about consent. If someone says no, you step away. 
So, where do you find them? Some do advertise as they run a regular night some are invite only and are extremely private. Try googling to see if there is somewhere near you.
Sometimes it is the anonymity that swinging can afford an attendee at an event that can really help you let your hair down and have a shagging good time.
Is there sex everywhere? Yes. Absolutely.  There is always a break away area or a smokers area if you fancy a break.
Can you drink at these events? Some events do, I always prefer to keep a level head and stay away from that.
What about protection? THIS MUST BE USED AT ALL TIMES. Ensure the condom is changed between partners to avoid any thrush or other nasties happening.