Welcome to Jade's boudoir, where you can find the perfect item (or three) to spice up your love life. We are body safe at all times, and organic and hypo-allergenic whenever we can be, so you can shop in confidence.

Stunning scented candles (like pear and black pepper), massage oils that lubricate, delicious dusts, soft feathers, cheeky blindfolds, and even travel packs for the minx on the move. Jade has everything to bring a whole new dimension of sensations to your play.

Because we're committed, we personally use and try everything we stock at Passionate Jade. The perfect boudoir has atmosphere, smells subtle yet sexy, is easy to use in the heat of the moment, and brings a whole new dimension to sex, from sights to touch to aroma and taste.

All Passionate Jade brands are authentic and we stock the best, including LELO, KamaSutra, Bijoux Indiscrets, Intimate Organics, ON and more.