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Buy Our Pleasurable Range of Dildos at Our Online Store 

Is the man in your life just not fulfilling your sexual desires? Does his member not make the grade? Does it not bend the way you wish it would? 

Then Passionate Jade is here to give you what you need in Australia. We supply a massive range of dildos on our online store that come in all shapes, sizes, and colours. Whatever you require – we have it, as we want you to be satisfied. 

Whether you want it straight, curved, even zig-zagged – Passion Jade’s range of dildos are sure to stimulate you to the point of extreme orgasm in a way that the man in your life just can’t. 

Our wonderful range of dildos in Australia 

Passionate Jade does not skip out on providing our customers with the most amazing range of dildos on the market. We hand-select our dildos ready to be delivered to your bedroom and into your pants. 

When you get your firm grasp on one of our toys, you’ll be screaming so loud you’ll wake the neighbours – they’ll think you’ve met the ultimate lover. 

Our range includes: 

  • D1 Dildo from Laid – excellent for stimulating the G-spot, the D1 is great for solo or couple’s play. The velvety surface creates ultimate comfort and pleasure and its asymmetric shape allows for smooth manoeuvring into the desired orifice.
  • Icicles No 24 – The Icicles No 24 encapsulates sleek and sexy design with its hand-blown icicle glass which is made for going hard. Long-lasting and durable, the Icicle No 24 is a versatile and highly sensual dildo, designed for maximum pleasure.
  • Nalone Touch – With its pure silicone body and vibration control, this smart and ergonomic dildo is the perfect feminine dildo. You can customise your vibration patterns to suit your G-spot’s needs, and with the curved head you can reach any spot you so desire.