Passionate Jade are excited to offer Nearer the Moon Lingerie to Australia. We found Tilly's items one day while flicking through the Kiss Me Deadly website. And so the love affair has begun. With each piece hand made to order, Tilly puts love and attention into every piece to make sure customers are happy. With a strong focus on reducing waste and moving away from fast fashion and a more sustainable approach to clothing (and lingerie of course). We love the ethics of this brand and we are so excited to be sharing Tilly's pieces with you.

Read below for more in her own words:


Every Nearer The Moon piece is ethically handmade in the UK with fabrics, trims and components sourced from as close to the studio as possible, supporting local business and reducing the carbon footprint of our items. The Nearer The Moon team also use designer roll ends and sample prints to reduce wastage in the fabric industry as a whole and give you completely unique prints and colour ways that we couldn't have independently manufactured. Designs are turned into patterns and graded to size on site...

Each piece takes from 2-8 hours to make depending on the complexity of the piece and most of our lingerie is finished by hand. This means hand stitching every embellishment and tying every bow. Tilly still makes every piece of lingerie herself in her home studio so you can be sure the quality of each item you receive is the absolute best. Watch Tilly stitching below...

 Nearer The Moon's mission is to create beautiful lingerie for all women. Offering styles we know work in a variety of fabrics and colours to complement your current lingerie collection or start a whole new one. 


Tilly trained in lingerie design for three years at De Montfort University on their renowned Contour Fashion course. Feeling stifled in the world of retail management after graduating, Tilly opened Nearer The Moon in 2011 as a love letter to all things decadent and intimate.

Being involved with the first university Burlesque society during her final year at University, she found her calling. Burlesque mixed the performance of being a competitive ballet dancer as a child, the raunchiness of all her favourite dirty books and the frilly underpinnings she was learning to make from scratch. 
Since leaving university she has channeled her love of burlesque into making costumes and gifts for friends and slowly this developed into the first range for Nearer The Moon.


Nearer The Moon regularly appears at pop up markets Wasted Chic and Le Boutique Bazaar. This is a great way to come and see the collections and meet the designer "in real life", follow our facebook and instagram pages to ensure you don't miss any of these amazing events.