Purchase Our Incredibly Loveable Rabbit Vibrators for Delivery Across Australia

Forget Roger Rabbit, forget your pet rabbit, this rabbit can give you pleasure that no story or pet ever could. 

The Rabbit Company is changing the game in providing highly pleasurable vibrators with their innovative designs and attention to detail. 

The rabbit has become known for changing the way a woman orgasms, with their trademark G-spot/bunny ear design giving women the world over the perfect climax, every time. 

Passion Jade is proud to provide Australian ladies with these mind blowing vibrators that tingle the clitoris whilst massaging the G-spot – come on ladies, how perfect is that? 

Our range of Rabbit Company products 

Passionate Jade provides a wide range of Rabbit Company products available to come hopping straight into your panties. Our range includes: 

  • The Beaded Rabbit – With a rechargeable silicone body, this G-spot vibrator is waterproof so that you can use it in the shower, bath, or even the pool. It is designed specially to stimulate the G-spot and has rotating metal beads for ultimate pleasure.
  • The Classic Rabbit – This has long been a favourite for women around the world – this classic contains two powerful motors that create stimulation inside and outside of the vagina. It is ergonomic in design and contains a vibrating shaft for ultimate shaking-satisfaction.
  • The G-spot Rabbit – Like the classic, but designed to specifically stimulate the G-spot, whilst giving ultimate clitoral satisfaction. You are guaranteed to reach the spot every time with this special vibrator and you will be left shaking, sweating, and wanting more.
  • The Rabbit Ears – Containing the classic ears, this vibrator is designed specifically to stimulate the clitoris, they tease and tickle you until you reach a tantalising climax.
  • The Rotating Rabbit – USB rechargeable, the powerful rotating and vibrating shaft creates a realistic sexual experience but with double the pleasure. Containing powerful ears for maximum clitoral stimulation, the Rotating Rabbit also contains a specific curved G-spot tip designed to give you pleasure all over your playful parts. This vibrator creates a unique sensation; unlike anything you have ever had before.