Give Yourself A Blissful Tickle With Our Vibrators For Sale Online And Have It Shipped Australia-Wide

Are you in need of little something different to tickle your fancy in the bedroom? Are your fingers, or your lover’s tongue, not quite getting the job done? When it comes to pleasure, you should never, ever, ever settle for second best.

If fun has left the bedroom, or you realise that you could have a better time than you are, perhaps it’s time you ordered a buzzing little friend to arouse your most sensitive of areas.

Passionate jade is proud to provide Australian ladies with a wonderful range of vibrators and vibrating dual massagers, all hand-selected to provide ultimate clitoral stimulation.

Our vibrators for sale at our online store can be delivered throughout Australia, ready to give you an intense orgasm, straight out of the packaging.

What vibrators do we have for sale for you?

Passion Jade literally has a vibrator for every woman. Whatever level of power you desire for your vibrator our range can provide.

Our range includes:

  • JimmyJane Form 3– Delicate and elegant, this clitoral bulb provides a huge amount of intense and energetic pleasure, allow your sexual desires to be fulfilled with this lovely little gadget. 
  • Callie Vibrating Dual Massager
  • Blush Massager – The Australian version of the Magic Wand, this is said to be the ultimate orgasm machine and has the power to deliver spine-tingling, body-shaking orgasms with every It contains seven-speeds, making it the most powerful earth-shattering vibrator on the market. The Blush Massager has a range of different features that make it one of the most versatile and sensual vibrators available.
  • Fun Factory Delight – This Click ‘n’ Charge vibrator is a high class, fully-functional pleasure machine that is guaranteed to give you a screaming orgasm every time (try not to wake the neighbours!). The S-shape provides a creative approach to reaching climax and will give you external and vaginal stimulation simultaneously.

Buy your vibrators online today

Are you long acquainted with the pleasures of vibrators? Are you curious about buying your very first, but the thought of going into a shop to get one feels daunting and overwhelming? No worries, we stock a wide range to suit the likes of all our pleasure-seeking customers. We ship our saucy products Australia-wide in innocuous packaging, so that you can feel safe having it delivered anywhere (even your office) without anyone knowing a thing. That’s our secret.

For all your questions and guidance, call us on 03 9448 2324 to speak to one of our friendly staff!