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What is the Trial Team?

We want to bring you more than what the manufacturers say about their toys. Lots more. Passionate Jade is very selective about the products we stock, and we don't stock anything we don't believe in, or that isn't body safe.

We want to hear from real women, living day to day lives (like us). We want to hear from women in their twilight years with a lifetime of experience up their sleeves. We want to hear from youngsters, mums, pleasure queens, those menopause warriors that are doing it tough. We want to hear from singles, and partnered women.

We want to bring you real reviews, from real women. At Passionate Jade, we have a team of three experts (or know-it-alls) who personally test and write about the products. But us three alone don't represent womanhood. You do.

So join our Trial Team and become part of the conversation. This is for you!

How it works

We are looking for women, 18+, open minded and able to describe their review experience in a constructive way (don't worry, we've got some awesome pointers on how to do it). We need you to be committed to trialling the toy once you decide to proceed. We need to know your age, location, whether you've had children (this is a really helpful thing as bodies change so much after childbirth), and if you have any health conditions (such as cancer, auto-immune and the like) to get you started. If you do have a health condition, this won't put us off - in fact we really want to talk to you. We want to be able to help others in the same boat as you. So ladies, let's get to it!

We are lucky enough to always have a lot of people interested in being a part of our Trial Team, and we keep your name (totally anonymously, we might add) on a list to match you up with the best possible product to trial. We keep your involvement anonymous - our readers (and your friends) will never know - unless you choose to tell them, of course.

We do ask some pretty intimate questions of you, all in the name of science, but don't be scared because this is so we can get a feel for the best types of toys and accessories for you to try. And most importantly, report back to our clientele the little lurks and quirks that may make them right - or wrong - for someone. Don't worry if you're not Shakespeare or Maya Angelou because we'll write your review up if you need a hand.

We provide the products for free, and you do get to keep them. We support you through the quick review process, then we post your review on the product page and in our blog as a Trial Team Review.