Seamed Stockings Champagne/Black

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  • Seamed Stockings Champagne/Black, Lingerie, What Katie Did - Passionate Jade

Seamed Stockings Champagne/Black

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Jade says...

These champagne with black back seamed stockings from What Katie Did are a top seller and with good reason! The iconic black welt that can be easily seen can be worn in a corporate environment or with your perfect pin-up outfit providing all the vintage vibes. I can personally attest to how comfy these are on curvier thighs and they seem to last forever, possibly due to the neutral leg which disguises any hitches you might get after a few wears which means unlike black stockings which show every tiny defect, you can wear these nylons until the very end yet still looked perfectly polished.

With the full contrast with the back foot, seam and stretchy welt to have you get all the attention with these glamour seamed stockings. They have a striking contrast seam with a pure black seam on a champagne leg. 

A perfect for those vintage and pin-up outfits.

These are flying off the shelf and with good reason.

  • Modern hosiery contains lycra which makes it very stretchy and sizing is not so important. Although some stockings in the 1940s and 1950s were made from stretch nylon, most of the What Katie Did stockings are made from non stretch nylon which makes sizing critical - and sizing will vary from style to style. If it is your first time wearing real nylons please double check the size is correct for you before opening, and if you are unsure contact us so we can put your mind at rest.

    Glamour Seamed Stockings

    The Glamour Seamed Stockings are made from 15 denier stretch nylon with elastane, which means that just 2 sizes cover sizes 10-18, 5ft to 5ft 11. The stretch nylon also means that the retro style wide welts (stocking tops) stretch which make them comfortable for larger thighs.

    In the heyday of stocking manufacturing, workers were treated to two manicures a day (on arrival and after lunch) to ensure nails and rough skin didn’t snag the delicate stockings. We highly advise the use of hosiery gloves, thin rubber gloves used for hair dying are an easy to find alternative - although slightly less glamorous! Believe it or not, the most dangerous time for nylons is not when you’re wearing them, but when you putting them on, removing them, washing them or storage.

    Caring For Your Nylons


    Store worn nylons in an old pillowcase so they don’t get snagged in your laundry basket. Once a week swish them around in warm water and a little detergent (or bubble bath version of your favourite perfume if you’re super-luxe) and hang up to dry by the toes.

    Don’t be tempted to drape them over something as nearly every household object, be it a chair or a radiator, will have something that will cause a snag (I’ve been there plenty of times). Why not try one of those plastic circular multi-peg contraptions you can find in any good $2 store, or use a clip coat hanger?

    The good news is that nylons dry very quickly over night so you won’t be cluttering up your bathroom for long. Once dry, store your nylons in the cellophane bag they came in, invest in our satin Stocking Storage Bag or store in a good old jam jar!

    How To Put On Seamed Stockings


    A tip for seams; simply don’t worry about them. As long as you get your seams straight when you put your nylons, you’re generally set up for the day.

    To put your nylons on, gather the length of the stocking and carefully put your toe in the end, pull the stocking over your foot and ensure the ankle is correctly in place. Then, standing up, gradually pull the stocking up checking that the seam is straight.

    It’s actually harder to put Retro Seams on straight as there is less of a guide for your finger to follow. Don’t try and adjust the seam on the leg, but roll the nylon down as far as needed and try again.