Waspie Corset Luna (Special Order)

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Waspie Corset Luna (Special Order)

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or make 4 interest-free payments of $69.75 AUD fortnightly with More info

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Luna is an updated version of the popular Baby corset. We've What Katie Did made the top of the corset just a little bit longer which will help eliminate any back fat, yet still result in an amazing silhouette.

Luna's clever cut allows the waist to be substantially reduced in a dramatic curved shape (unlike a wide cinching belt, which creates a straight middle section) resulting in a smooth line under clothing. It's designed to suit vintage body shapes (a waist 10" or more smaller than the hips), and is ideal for both beginners and serious waist trainers.

Luna's small size makes it incredibly comfortable and easy to wear on a day-to-day basis, with little restriction of movement. For corset newbies this allows you to get a dramatic look without training, while if you are waist training it makes an ideal 'lazy' corset for when you've got a busy day and don't want to be too confined.

While Luna is a very easy corset to wear, it's not recommended for daily training as it doesn't provide support for the lower tummy area: feel free to wear it a few days a week, but be sure to equal out your training time with a longer corset.


These corsets are designed to work hard and reduce your waist by up to 5 inches (12.5 cm). Please deduct 4 -5 inches (10-12.5 cm) from your normal waist measurement to work out your corset size: a natural waist of 28 inches (70 cm) will give a corset size of 24", whilst a natural waist size of 31 inches (79 cm) will give a corset size of 26".


* length along busk 8"/20 cm

* centre back length 10"/24.5cm

* underbust to hip 6.5"/17 cm

* side seam from top of corset to waist 3"/8 cm

* side seam from waist to bottom 3"/8 cm

Measurements when completely closed, 3" up and 3" down from the waist. We recommend leaving a gap of 3, working down to 2, inches at the back of your corset. The 2-3 inches will have to be added to the rib and hip measurements below depending on the size of the gap you require.

Luna 18" ribcage-20.75"/52.5cm hip-29"/62.25cm

Luna 20 ribcage-22.75"/57.5cm hip-26.5"/67.5cm

Luna 22" ribcage-24.75"/63cm hip-28.5"/72.5cm

Luna 24" ribcage-26.75"/68cm hip-30.5"/77.5cm

Luna 26" ribcage-28.75"/73cm hip-32.5"/82.5cm

Luna 28" ribcage-30.75"/78cm hip-34.5"/87.5cm

Luna 30" ribcage-32.75"/83cm hip-36.5"/92.7cm

Luna 32" ribcage-34.75"/88cm hip-38.5"/97.8cm

Luna 34" ribcage-36.75"/93cm hip-40.5"/15.9cm


* Shorter length waspie corset which gives you dramatic curves

* Less restrictive than a full underbust corset, our Luna corset is ideal for wearing on more active days

* Designed so that the back of the corset sits over your bra strap to minimise back fat

* Modesty panel sold separately

* Please deduct 4-5 inches (10-12.5 cm) from your waist to determine your Luna corset size

* Satin with cotton twill lining

* Spring steel busk front opening and a combination of 16 spiral and 3 flat steel bones

  • Need your lingerie to fit properly? No problems, we have guides to help.

    It's our aim to get you into perfectly fitting lingerie first time around. It would make life a lot easier wouldn't it?

    Luckily most of the What Katie Did lingerie is made from stretchy powermesh which makes it easy to fit. If you are looking at an item which cinches your waist (like our Waist Cinchers or Waspies) you will need to grab a tape measure and check your waist measurement as it needs to fit perfectly to cinch your waist, but with everything else fit is pretty easy.

    If, after reading the notes below, just give us a call and we can help on 03 9448 2324 or email jade@passionatejade.com.

    What Katie Did Sizes

    Please note, unless you are purchasing one of the Waist Cinchers or Waspies our garments will fit a couple of inches either side of the measurements below. For Waist Cinchers and Waspies you need to choose the size closest to your natural waist measurement: if you are between sizes please choose the smaller size.

     Size UK 8 Bust 33"/85cm Waist 23"/58cm Hips 33"/85cm
    Size UK 10 Bust 35"/87.5cm Waist 25"/62.5cm Hips 35"/87.5cm
    Size UK 12 Bust 37"/92.5cm Waist 27"/67.5cm Hips 37"/92.5cm
    Size UK 14 Bust 39"/97.5cm Waist 29"/72.5cm Hips 39"/97.5cm
    Size UK 16 Bust 41"/102.5cm Waist 31"/77.5cm Hips 41"/102.5cm
    Size UK 18 Bust 43"/107.5cm Waist 33"/82.5cm Hips 43"/107.5cm


     Bra Sizing

    You should select your usual bra size when shopping with What Katie Did. 

    Sister Bra Sizing

    If you have purchased a bra and the size isn't quite right, it's easy to work out what's gone wrong and how to find the right size for you. Bra cups are 'cross graded' which means the the same cup is used for several different sizes. If your band is too tight, but the cup fits perfectly, then you need to go up a band size and down a cup size (this will make the band 2" longer, but the cup the same as the first size).

    For example:

    28F has the same cup as a 30E, 32DD, 34D, 36C and 38B

    28FF has the same cup as a 30F, 32E, 34DD, 36D and 38C

    28G has the same cup as a 30FF, 32F, 34E, 36DD and 38D

    Our lingerie is sized either by bra or dress size.

     Lingerie Sizing

    Our lingerie is sized either by bra or dress size.

    Shapewear is designed to smooth and shape the torso, concentrating on the waist and hips. It's important to get these measurements correct when determining your dress size.

    To determine your waist size (1) measure the narrowest part of your torso firmly. Your natural waist might be a lot higher than you imagine and should be several inches smaller than your jean size. Measure your hips (2) at the widest point.

    The Corselette is sized using bra sizes. As both garments cover the body, the body size also needs to be taken into account. The band sizes of these garments roughly fit:

    Band size 32 = dress size 10, 34 = dress size 12, 36 = dress size 14 and 38 = dress size 16 (of course, these are What Katie Did dress sizes which might be a size smaller than what you're used to, see our fitting room page for the measurements of our dress sizes)

    If you wear, for example, a 32D bra but are a dress size 14 you will need to adjust your corselette size so it fits correctly on the body by selecting a 36B (if you go up a band size you need to go down a cup size). 

     Knickers and Suspender Belts

    Our knickers contain powermesh and are stretchy so the waist measurement isn't quite as critical as it is on shapewear. If you're in between sizes go for the size which matches your hip measurement. In general if you are between sizes always go for the larger size in knickers.

    All of our supender belts contain powermesh so they will stretch to fit. They need to sit firmly on the waist so if you are between sizes always to for the the smaller size. 


    You need to take in to account both your waist and hip measurements when selecting a girdle. If you are wearing a girdle that finishes on your waist then it's best to choose the size closest to your waist measurement to avoid a muffin top. If you do have a large waist in comparision to your hips it might be better to go for a longline underbust girdle which will give you a smooth line from underbust to derriere.

    Girdles are designed to flatten your tummy and smooth your hips and derriere. Always step into your girdle.

    Ideal under tight fitting pencil skirts.

    Should It Really Be That Tight?

    The short answer is yes. Corsetry is designed to shape your figure, which means it has to be tight. We’ve tried to make our shapewear as easy to get into as possible, but a few items  need a little wriggle.

    If you do think an item is too small, why not take a breather and try again later? Once you’re in you’ll look spectacular and remember, our shapewear is designed to be comfortable enough to wear all day.